The story

There’s really not much to say other than I needed an ugly piano for a recent project and here we are. Also there isn’t much going on under the hood, it is limited. No RR or multiple layers going on here, but it does serve its purpose and I’m absolutely sure some folks will find use of it as well.

This was rec. using a Ribbon mic then processed in my DAW using Tape Recorder 2 (VST) and then from there it went to Infector (Another VST) for a little more of a bite. The samples are indeed several years old but the processed version for this instrument are new. There isn’t anything special about what piano I used, its just a basic (cheaper) baby grand that sat in my old log cabin for many years that I decided to crudely sample before I got rid of it.

Broken Piano - Promo


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  • Deathmetal

    I used this for a small horroresque section in one of my tunes. Fit perfectly, no other effects needed.

    EigenstateChris12 July 2022
  • A very different piano sound

    This piano is a heavily processed one, which can be described as a synthetic guitar harmonics patch. It's definitely unique and different, good to spark some new ideas. Due to that distortion, some notes might seem off-pitch, especially on the lower end, but hey, it's a broken piano, what do you expect? As shown in DS, the keys from F2 to A#3 have a weird delay on the pitch, which is interesting but may be weird when performing.

    The GUI offers some nice options to play with the sound a bit, and it's designed in a way way to handle best DecentSampler's limitations, so special bravo to Matthew for that awesome idea!

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022
  • Broken Pianobook

    It's what you expect from a piano book library. Something with loads of character, that you can probably only use a few times to great effect.

    Here's the thing, I pressed a middle C and I loved the sound. played another note, and heard the exact same thing just pitched up. Played middle C again and got the exact same sound. The lack of variation was really disappointing, mainly because that first note really got my creative juices going.

    That said, the lower and higher notes on this thing are just incredible. It'll surely find its way into a track or sound effect layer.

    rrahim23 May 2022
  • Atmospheric not musical

    Whilst you couldn't necessarily write jolly tune with this piano (although I bet someone will prove me wrong) it's certainly going to make its way into something as atmospheric background grunge or right up front in a horror piece.

    The lower notes in particular warble and develop really nicely

    QorbeQSamplist 24 May 2022