The story

The instrument is based on a C. Bechstein piano which I sampled at the dBs Pro studio in Bristol, which has been reprocessed by recording it onto a cassette tape that got exposed to too much moisture and sun over the years. You can mix the clean signal with the one from the cassette to dial in your preferred tone, from a thin, wonky and noisy tape warble of a tone, to a sound which has a bit more body. The combination of the two also leads to a subtle phaser like effect, due to the inconsistencies within the cassette recording creating intermodulation with the dry signal. A shimmer reverb has been added as well for a more dreamlike sound.

This was one of the instruments that I built while doing my masters. When using soft-synths or other virtual instruments I try to incorporate physical, hands-on aspects the sound design, capturing a momentary fleeting thing, rather than something which could be easily replicated. The thing that was especially interesting to me about making this instrument is the fact that each sample and in effect each note captures a different impurity at a different time, unlike for instance when using a reel-to-reel to record an entire arrangement or putting a tape emulation on your instruments bus.

Demo Track using the cassette piano:




Reviews for Broken Cassette Piano

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  • great sound mate

    really nice sound, even though at first it crashed DC like 4 times in a row for some reason lol, anyways man i love it

    blonded10022 December 2023
  • I love this sound!

    Still another piano? Not really. This is really usable in many situations, it has some kind of lofi sound but not too much. Thank you for this excellent piano. I will for sure use it here and there.

    Jaime's Tone21 December 2023
  • Very flexible

    The ability to set the blend between the clean and taped sound makes this a really flexible addition to your piano folder. The chorus is also a useful addition.

    paulywauly18 February 2024