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I didn’t use my kalimba much since I bought it. After some tries it just ended up dusting on my shelf. Then I thought that maybe using it sampled is a good way, so it’s easier to compose, without loosing creativity on recording it over and over again! And then I started my sail into this world of sampling, thanks to many youtube videos that helped me drive through it!

I've sampled my kalimba... AND IT'S FREE!!!!


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  • Well done!

    I really like this Kalimba! It's simple but sounds nice out of the box.
    The sound quality is decent. Every note has a slight release time with no further customization options with the GUI but it works just fine imo.
    Worth checking out - thank you!

    mellownight08 March 2022
  • Sounds superb...

    Just a great Kalimba sound with no additional controls. I just wish there was a way to shape the sound a bit, for example: a control to shorten the release. Multiple velocities and round-robins would be on the wishlist for v2 (if it's planned).

    Synthiemental14 August 2022
  • A nice, simple Kalimba

    This is a very simple Kalimba instrument that has been sampled very nicely and offers a little more than 2 octaves as a playable range, but if you want more than that, I found that it sounds awesome even if you shift it one octave up. It also seems dynamic, though somehow quiet by default. In my opinion it takes reverb very well, but that's up to you since there are no offerred controls at all. All in all, cute and solid!

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022
  • A blank canvas

    It is exactly what it says on the tin. Just a simple, but well recorded kalimba. No UI to mess around with, just load and start playing. It's a perfect starting point for sound exploration though. It takes fx really well. Very nice overall

    Minirehak21224 May 2022
  • A prestine kalimba sound

    It's a clean sounding kalimba, with just the right amount of brightness and top end transient. And pretty good key velocity dynamics too.
    This may actually become my go-to kalimba instrument. It's pretty dry, so you can add your own room, and the notes are tuned well enough to sound in tune, but still like a kalimba with character.

    There are no controls on the GUI though, so it;s sort of like a real Kalimba.

    rrahim25 May 2022
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