Bowed Lovechild

A pad-like effect created from a bowed Dan Electro Longhorn bass and a Balinese Gamelan gong....

The story

Here is another musical lovechild. This one was the result of bowing my electric Dan Electro Longhorn bass and a Balinese Gamelan gong. I did separate instruments at first, but thought they complimented themselves well together. The bass was recorded via D.I. and amp. The gong was recorded with a AKG 414 through an Avalon Pre. After, it was processed in the box with some filtering and U.A.’s Eventide H3000.


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  • A nice heavy sounding pad for you

    While this is not my favourite type of sound signatures, I can say that it is well sampled in general. You won't find much stuff in here though. It's just a single patch and no controls to be found. There are no modwheel dynamics, filters or expression controls, so it's not really controllable in any sense. Nevertheless, you should give it a try!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • Cinematic, nice and pad collection

    Excellent quality. I could not imagine the sound from the title, but I found this another beautiful introduction of cinematic pad sounds. Very talented!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Deep metallic sound

    Perfect for sci-fi ambiance. This bowed bass gives you a nice metallic and majestic sound that will perfectly suitable for a scene of tension in a sci-fi movie, or for a wide shot on an immensity as proposed by Dune.

    Oathr12 October 2021