The story

I’m currently in the process of moving from Connecticut to California and whilst packing this new chapter in my life I decided to sample some instruments that I’ll be parting with. Having an old bow and bass I decided to tune each string to the same pitch, run it through a grimey distortion and then bow the livin’ heck out of it. After some post processing using Paulstretch, EQ and other bits-n-bobs, I’ve created a nice atmospheric drone. Have fun!

Reviews for Bowed Bass

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  • Bowed Chatter Pad

    This pad has a really interesting sound. It almost sounds like people talking turned into a pad. I dont know how to explain it but i feel like if you listen close it almost sounds like people talking. Theres cool modulation and evolving happening in the sound that keeps it pretty interesting. Its not my favorite pad on pianobook but i definitely like it enough to save it in my folder. It would have been useful to have ADSR on the GUI as it usually always is in pads like this. Its really interesting that this sound came from a bass

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Lovely pad derived from a bass

    This is a lovely pad sound derived from a bass. It has a certain flanger-esque quality to it. Having access to ADSR envelope controls on the GUI would have been a nice touch, but it is useful and inspiring as it is!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • A simple and very wet synth pad, with a loop problem

    Oh this pad is very, very wet, and there's nothing to do about it! IT is very well sampled though, and it has a nice warm synth sound to it. The only control that exists is the modwheel that acts as an Low Pass Filter, and to my surprise it does't affect the release. There is an inconsistent problem regarding the looping though. It seems that there is a weird noise after a while, that can be very, very annoying. I think happens mostly in low-mid velocities with the filter at the middle.

    Alex Raptakis26 October 2021