The story

Perhaps the idea of sampling such an instrument is not new, but I wanted to create my own instrument with convenient and flexible settings.
In the process of making this sample library, I identified two methods of sound extraction: with breathing, and with fingers. Thus, the instrument was divided into 2 parts: the melodic “Bottle Organ”, and the melodic-percussion “Bottle Percussion”.

The melodic part of the instrument sounds a little “medieval”. ADSR envelope, Hi-pass and Low-pass filters, reverb and chorus allow you to achieve the desired sound character (you will find 5 presets for this part). The settings are designed in such a way as not to spoil the sound, even in extreme positions.

The melodic-percussion part of the instrument sounds a little “African”. The settings are similar, but there are Delay settings instead of the ADSR envelope.

To evaluate the instrument capabilities of the tool, I suggest watching this video:

In my opinion, this sample library turned out to be quite simple, but effective. It will perfectly complement your collection of unusual musical instruments. With it you can create atmospheric compositions, or add the musical arrangement with interesting elements.


Ilian Ladov


Reviews for Bottle Organ

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  • Unique yet evocative of more traditional instruments

    Love the beautiful sounds I'm getting out of this pack! Perfect for the medieval flute-like / 'Bardcore' vibe I'm going for in my next track. Thank you for creating this!

  • Wonderful!

    This is a fantastic, very useful sample pack! I am certainly going to use in my music! You have made my day!
    Thank you very much!

    Dobrof19 December 2023