A Bodhran sample pack I created just for fun, it should sound like a “traditional” cheap tunable bodhran played with a two tip stick....

The story

Need to try my new Kontakt 6, contribute with this great community and… who on earth doesn’t want a bodhran Kontakt instrument?

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  • Simplicity at its finest!

    We don't always need an overly complex patch with tons of settings and effects. Sometimes a simple patch can make the job done better. And that's what this is about - just a very simple Bodhran instrument. The sampling is crystal clear, the programming is perfect, and it really sounds amazing as well. It's dynamic, and it also comes with different kinds of strokes, including hand swipes!

    Along with a Room vol that greatly alters the sound signature, you will also find written labels on where you will find the included strokes. I would personally arange the notes on the keybed in a different way, buit honestly it's something that you can get used to fairly quickly.

    This will gladly be a beautiful addition to my percussion library, highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis09 December 2021
  • Deep Bodhran drum

    I wasn't familiar with this kind of drum and i thought it would resemble bongos and hand drums but i was really pleased with how deep and punchy it is. Its mostly "kick" drum type sounds but you also get a brush sound and a side stick hit. Of course one would always like more round robins and dynamic layers but this is still really playable and fairly dynamic. The side stick sounds awesome for dynamic accented percussion "hi hat" type grooves. My favorite hit is on E2. Its extremely phat and punchy. Overall this is really useful and versatile. i think it could also make a sick orchestral bass drum with added reverb and also work in a drier context.

    septemberwalk10 December 2021
  • Quality, simplicity.

    It's a Bodhran, it's really well recorded and there are round robins. Like others have said, this is punchy and deep with a good selection of hits and will work well either solo or as an addition to any percussion ensemble. What's not to like?

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • A simple, small yet useful addition to your percussion libraries

    Although there are only a few sounds (as the instrument only has 1 drum), they all sound very good. The distribution of the keys is interesting for me, otherwise this is an easy-to-use, handy percussion instrument for different sorts of ethnic or world music.

    peterlepahin30 December 2021
  • Nice & Punchy Folk Drum

    Nothing fancy here, just a nicely-recorded, punchy-sounding Bodhran. The GUI is limited to a single knob to adjust room noise, but the drum sounds great. It's all in mono, but the recordings are nicely varied.

    Exactly what I was looking for, can't complain!

    Sam King09 December 2021
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