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Need to try my new Kontakt 6, contribute with this great community and… who on earth doesn’t want a bodhran Kontakt instrument?

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  • Question about "Fast Hands" ?

    Incredible authenticity and emotion. What about the "Fast Hands"? What are they supposed to sound like? Not hearing much. I am probably misunderstanding. Incredible pack!

    SampleSearcher106 April 2023
  • Simplicity at its finest!

    We don't always need an overly complex patch with tons of settings and effects. Sometimes a simple patch can make the job done better. And that's what this is about - just a very simple Bodhran instrument. The sampling is crystal clear, the programming is perfect, and it really sounds amazing as well. It's dynamic, and it also comes with different kinds of strokes, including hand swipes!

    Along with a Room vol that greatly alters the sound signature, you will also find written labels on where you will find the included strokes. I would personally arange the notes on the keybed in a different way, buit honestly it's something that you can get used to fairly quickly.

    This will gladly be a beautiful addition to my percussion library, highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis09 December 2021
  • Highly usable

    Been looking for a decent sounding bodhran for ages. This fits the bill perfectly. Simple set of samples but allows for quite a bit of expression.

    cbthomson12 April 2022
  • Ideal

    Does exactly what it claims to. Nice variety of samples, very playable and the Room Volume assigned to the mod wheel is a 'stroke' of genius

    Kerr (Audiooutsource)25 August 2022
  • Exactly what I needed when I needed it

    As I did not need a very obvious bodhran part but more something to support other percussion this was perfect. Small size, so a fast download and no loading time, and it does exactly what I need it to do. And if I put some work into it I'm pretty sure I will be able to also get a convincing solo part out of it as well. Very nice!

    Dave7116 May 2024
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