The story

These samples were recorded in my hometown Piekary Slaskie, Poland during the early spring of 2023. I played Kalimba with my sister and we were chilling out amongst old sacral architecture in the park called: ‘Kalwaria’. The harmonious blend of singing birds, the melodic tones of the kalimba and distant church bells created a unique blend of sonic texture. It gave me some real The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion vibes and I decided to try to mix up all these recordings.

It’s my first Decent Sampler instrument, so hope you’ll enjoy it!

Created for free virtual sampler – Decent Sampler.

What’s Inside:
– 1 .dspreset file
– 27 high-quality samples (~4 round robins)
– 1 custom reverb IR sample
– LP filter knob, dry/wet church convolution reverb knob, detune knob


Reviews for Birdy Kalimba

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  • Wonderful idea

    A little, great sounding instrument, with a very nice twist. Thanks for giving it away for free.

    notebynote25 July 2023
  • I love this sound!

    Nice kalimba sound, accompanied by some birds singing in the background. Pretty original. Thanks for your 1st try with DS, please continue and deliver other original sounds like this one!

    Jaime's Tone15 June 2023