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Recently I have been Playing the Bioshock series a lot. I’m Going through 1, 2 and infinite remasters. The game is good mindless fun, shooting crazy junked up sociopaths in an underwater steampunk dystopia that critiques the absurdity of late stage, free market capitalism. You know, the usual video game stuff. To make this Library I took a Kalimba that I installed a piezo disc into and connected it to an Infinite Jets and a Microcosm from Hologram. The end result is distorted, and haunting. As if it was played in a metal drum deep under the sea.

New Album ‘Netrunner’ Coming soon.

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Reviews for Bioshock Kalimba

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  • A kalimba again? But wait...!

    We've seen quite a few kalimbas here on Pianobook. I'm a big fan of the sound of a kalimba, but it's always refreshing to hear a different approach of sampling one.

    With this sample instrument we get the sound of a kalimba that has been heavily processed, the result is an instrument that delivers great sounding dark atmospheric tones.

    The possibilities offered to further manipulate the sound of the instrument are kept simple but reasonably chosen (Amp Env Attack and Release plus single knob control for Chorus, Reverb and Low-Pass filtering).

    I particularly like the fact that eight round robins per sample have been included! One thing I noticed, is that when the Amp Env release is set as short as possible, there is a clicking sound at the end of the samples. This can be avoided if the possible minimum value for the release is not zero but e.g. 0.05.

    Thanks for these different sounding Kalimba samples!

    robergSamplist 04 July 2023
  • Kalimba Warble

    This kalimba can be used as a soothing or dark and brooding instrument. The 'underwater' feel is legit, and can be increased by pulling the tone knob back. I also love the 'warble', as I call it, it is very characteristic and adds to the atmospheric sound.

    While the warble is lovely, this instrument seems to be set up for long legato notes. When I tried to play shorter notes, it created chaos in my opinion. This was fixed by pulling the release back a bit while still retaining that characteristic warble.

    All in all, I'm a fan. The different sampling of this kalimba paid off and I can see lots of uses for it in my scoring. Thanks Necatuss!