The story

One day I invited my father (a former principal cellist in Brno Philharmonic) in my humble home studio and we recorded some extended techniques and cool sounds. We spent couple hours experimenting and in the end there was bunch of cool samples stored in my PC. After few months I decided to turn it into a virtual instrument and share it. I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂


Reviews for BeyondBow Cello

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  • Amazing Cello sounds!

    Absolutely love the library! Very rich, unusual, and evocative cello sounds that will pair great with other libraries.

    Why is every instrument included twice? Once in the BBC DATA folder and once in the Instrument folder.

    Rod23 May 2024
  • Beautifully horrifying

    This was beautifully horrifying!! And I mean that in a most awesome way! I create a lot of horror, psychological scores and this was massively right up my alley. Thank you so much for creating this!! Good vibes to you!!

    Skip Erickson07 June 2024
  • Very Nice!

    I am quite impressed with this. Amazing intense sounds. Usable for a wide genre of music. Suspenseful/scary/gripping yet charming i.e. Old Alfred Hitchcock movies would be one description that comes to mind.

    Thank you sincerely!

    ZevenZora15 June 2024
  • Unique sounds wrung from a classic instrument.

    This is one of my favorite instruments I've heard on Pianobook.

    So much character. Very evocative.

    I have plenty of Cello VSTs and usually all you get are your typical articulations like Legato, Staccato, etc...
    This is something else entirely.

    I am very excited to use this on my upcoming record I'll be writing this summer.

    The only minor drawback is that the round robins are not randomized.
    It's noticeable on the "Behind Bridge Shorts" patch. Seems like every four repeats you can expect a variation. But honestly I'm just pleased there are Round Robins included at all. So this is a very minor gripe.

    Well done and Thank you! Can't wait to hear more from this Samplist.

    Kaze17 May 2024