A glockenspiel recorded for Music by 300 Strangers...

The story

I sampled a glockenspiel(Bells) last year for Christian’s Systems Music. I used Studio One’s Presence XT editor, not a common format. After I downloaded Decent Sampler, I thought this instrument would be a good place to start learning.

This is a simple instrument. There are no round robins. I did sample every note of the bells.


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  • Charming Bells

    What I like best about this glockenspiel is the almost celesta like quality. This sample pack lacks the sharp attack one usually associates with glockenspiel, but that's just fine. This instrument is different from what you might expect, but is perhaps more usable because of that difference. It's instantly playable and inspiring. This is a worthy download to be sure.

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Sounds great


    ARKAN13 October 2021