Basement Drums

A four mic recording of drums in a basement...

The story

My friend Luke and I set out to do some microphone tests on drums
in his basement studio. While we were at it, I had Luke do some takes in
sampling format so I could attempt a Kontakt build.

Only four mics on the kit: RE320 on Kick, M201 on Snare, and KSM137’s for
Overheads. We used Pacifica and ADL 600 mic preamps going into an Apollo.

The GUI gives the user the ability to route the mic sources out of Kontakt
into the DAW for added control and processing. There are Templates for Kontakt
inside of Pro Tools, Cubase, and Maschine included in the download folder.

While not a super deep sample set, these drum sounds have a pretty good
vibe and should work well as a songwriting tool.


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  • Mmmmmm... Super Tasty Drums!

    Really really awesome drums. Perfectly recorded, ultra vibey, perfect GUI. A+

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021