Barrilito Tube

A tropical percussive sound created from a Barrilito cannister....

The story

I received this bottle of rum as a gift from a friend who was visiting from Puerto Rico. I’m a huge sucker for great rum, and beautiful packaging. It wasn’t too long until we had polished off the bottle. I kept the bottle and the decorative container, not sure what I was going to do with it.
I just knew it was too pretty to throw away. Well under global lock down, I decided I would take a stab creating my first Kontakt sample. I took the tube and recorded it under two MXL pencil mics, and struck it several times softly with a drum stick. The sound in real life wasn’t entirely the most pleasant thing but it had potential.
Loading it into Kontakt, I cleared up any weird hits and sounds, and from there came this wonderfully tropical sounding hit out of this Barrilito tube. I think it’s quite fitting.

My suggestion is to enjoy this instrument in the lower and higher registers. The middle section sounds okay, but it’s the bottom end and high hits that really feel inspiring somehow. I’ve used this sample a few times in some projects. It sits very well among the NI West Africa series. Additionally, it works wonders as a sound effect in a video game project.
I hope you enjoy using it, as much I loved creating my first Kontakt sample, and finishing off this bottle of rum.

Ray Mallick


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  • Nice Alternative to Mallets

    While it won't replace mallet instruments, this is a good option to have and use along with mallets. The low registers have an interesting sound to them. Great for plucked stuff. Even layered with pizzicato strings can add a great sound blend. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021