The story

The kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and backyard yard were all exploited for your production pleasures. This exclusive kit is unprocessed and ready for use in your productions. One-shot mapped C1-C5, inside Sampler and ready for you to explore.

Reviews for At Home Kit

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  • A host of percussive, organic sounds from around the home.

    The sounds in this instrument are clean and strong. Most are quite musical, with glassy, wooden, and metallic sounds of varying pitches and timbres; while a few other sounds are closer to the "sound effects" end of the continuum. I can definitely see myself using many of the more musical sounds in a way analogous to a drum kit.

    To that end, I found myself wishing that the sounds were organized more closely to a standard drum/percussion VST, with "kick", "tom", "snare", "cowbell", and other like sounds grouped together in a tighter logic around that sort of usability. As it is, the sounds, as described in the instrument's story, are ready for exploration; but they may take a little time to become familiar with.

    Jake Hendriksen23 March 2022
  • 49 well recorded home sounds!

    If you have ever seen Disney's animated movie Tarzan, this might remind you of the scene where the gorillas find the human camp, and after a while they start singing a song, with a rhythm made by hitting and smashing things.

    This is a huge library of sounds that can be found in any place of a house.
    All the sounds are recorded in very high quality, and in total there are 49 of them. You can find sounds similar to a kick drum, snare and cymbals, so you can easily produce a unique and stylized beat. The samples are also accessible in raw .wav files so you can pretty much drop them in any DAW and create your own drum map too.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022