The story

The radiator in the corridor where I work drives me crazy with its incessant ringing so I decided to make an instrument out of it.

Reviews for Ash’s Singing Radiator

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  • Nice pad sound

    Nice pad sound with a slight delay on the attack. The higher notes almost sound like a woodwind instrument. Great for creating ambient textures just add reverb. Or layer with strings for a unique blend. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
  • Sparkling synth sound

    It has a unique texture of synth sound. Higher range has a sparkling sound, almost like a hiss. I think it would be interesting to use it.

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • Low weird drone

    While this certainly isn't the most versatile I think it sounds really awesome and unique. I particularly love the more mid rangey register. It does have a singing quality as noted but it almost sounds like some kind of ethnic woodwind instrument too. i cant quite out my finger on it but its definitely unique. Espicially for such a small download size, i would assume that there aren't many samples and that they are stretched but it still sounds really great. The high end sounds pretty awesome too. While this isn't as playable as a normal organ, you can get some really great textures out of it

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • Ethereal texture...

    A nice, ethereal texture, but some controls to help customize the sounds would be very helpful.

    Christopher13 October 2021
  • Like very, very airy organ

    This pad seems to have a very heavy-breathing character, with a lot of an airy noise coming through it. It can be very tricky to perform on, especially if you go fully dry on it. If you think that it's very harsh, I'd recommend some kind of reverb to create a smoother tail and to assist the harsh ambience that it naturally has. It would be really good if it had some options for sound design, but it's up to you to decide how you want to treat it.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
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