Mind the owls.

The story

When buying my house in Scotland I inherited a majestic 100+ year old Pleyel piano. Pretty unplayable I enquired with a piano restorers how much would it cost to gut and replace it’s innards. The quote came back at £30,000, the big catch was it would leave me with a piano with a resale value of £300! so with regrets and a heavy heart I donated it to a local community centre. I sampled it (under difficult conditions) for posterity.

Here’s a somewhat sombre video all about it…

Reviews for Antique

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  • Beautifully sampled piano and pad sound

    I really like the antique piano and pad patch!! Such a warm, nostalgic sound to play with. Sound is very simple and versatile to use for many purposes. Another nice library to have!

    Asuka Amane22 October 2021
  • Authentic Antique Sound!

    I was recently working on a project and needed this exact style of creaking keys. I really like the unique sound of it, and love improvising with it loaded. Not sure if I did something wrong.. but I had issues loading it into Kontakt and getting the GUI right, so I could customize the sound much. Overall, it's perfect for what I'm working on, but I'll probably play around with adding some effects and filters.

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021
  • Takes old fashioned to a new level

    This piano sounds so old fashioned. However its unique in that most old pianos have that natural chorus type sound. This one doesn't have it as much which i really like. Its also slightly gritty but not in an aggressive way, just in a textured way. It also goes without saying that its super warm and characterful. Its really cool how the key noise is a different patch so you an have complete control over it although it would have been convenient to just put it in the GUI. This is such a useful piano to have around, One of my favorites from Christian.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • Best grandma's piano out there...

    Of all of the antique pianos here on PB, this one is my favorite. There's just the right amount of dissonance and "upright timbre" to give it that character without the instrument sounding neglected even though it clearly had been based on the story. Glad to have this! Cheers!

    Christopher27 October 2021
  • Best Grandma's Piano

    This sounds just like the piano I had my first piano lessons on - but more in tune. Really well judged, sounds really Antique without being comical or unusable. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Mark Lord05 December 2021
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