Antique Zither v0.1

An antique zither with plenty of character. Currently in beta mode....

The story

This is some samples I made of an antique Zither I purchased back in 2010 from an antique store in Greenwich Village. It was damaged when I got it and I assume well loved by whoever the original owner was. Because of this, I recorded it as is. The intention is to give it some character, allow the cracks to shine through.

It is currently in a beta version (v0.1). Some known issuse:

* The knob that controls reverb is not currently working. The reverb itself is working but the GUI has a bug.
* Velocity layers are not behaving correctly.


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  • This Zither has been through a lot!

    You can hear it instantly with just a touch of your keys. It really needs some touch-ups though, but I get it, it's still in beta. Here's some feedback though: In general the samples are quite noisy. I can clearly hear that there are three samples as round-robins, that need to be randomized. One of the three is usually lower and kind of breaks the release of the previous one, which is really weird. The samples have a noise that stops immediately and renders the instrument pretty unusable in general. As for the extra articulations, the "destroyed" one is good but there is still some noise, the Knocks&FX and the Glissandos are very noisy and suffer from that sudden release cut, Finally, the Drunker Mbira suffers from all those problems too but since the sample is very small, it is very noticable. There is some character though, so I'll be waiting for the proper release!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021