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As a composer, one of my niches I specialize in is Americana and Roots music. I play a lot of those kinds of instruments but as far as Virtual Instruments I am always looking for more options. Ahem… Spitfire, how about giving it a go? On this one I blended the Pedal Steel guitar and a Fiddle playing some raw scratchy harmonics. I processed them all using some granular time stretching, reversing and various effects.The Pedal Steel is a long phrase that keeps adding new colors. You can hear it evolve when using in low registers as a single note drone. Hopefully it gives you an organic/rustic option for some pads and textures.

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  • Organic and warm pad!

    Absolutely beautiful. It has such an organic atmosphere and the sound is very inspiring!!! I am sure I will be using this a lot going forward.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Smaller Collection from Joshuas Hybrids

    This is a few patches from the much expanded Joshuas Hybrids which i already gave a 5 star review so i won't say much here. Amazing, interesting and evolving sounds. Sound very organic and perfect for ambient

    septemberwalk25 October 2021
  • Blade runner comes to Appalachia

    Yes another brilliant ambient "texture pad" from Joshua. Instant Ridley Scott. Both pad - more musical - and harmonics - more atmospheric - are great but the multi is where it really comes together and shines for me. Not much more to say really, if you can't get inspired by this then change professions; assuming you want to write cinematic film scores that is...

    Mark Lord01 November 2021
  • Absolutely perfect...

    Having grown up near the Appalachia range, I can confirm that this has great Americana vibes. Everything is perfectly blended and processed. As always, more controls would be nice, but I wouldn't let the absence of a GUI scare you away from this library, because even without one it sounds great. Fantastic work here!

    Christopher29 October 2021
  • Instant Mood

    This is a pad that is basically really good at one thing, creating an ambience for a something to sit in. And it does that super well. I'd say it's difficult to play it in any other way than exactly as intended. But it's haunting, intriguing.. it's nice.

    ryan weeksSamplist 14 October 2021
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