The story

I made this instrument using an old Dan Electro through an early 70’s Fender Princeton. I used an E-bow not for sustain but more as a tremolo effect. I was raking the E-bow back and forth across the strings . I mapped it across the keyboard so that the tempos of the tremors were all random. I like the higher range for an ethereal vibe, but try really low registers for some cool ominous pulses.

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  • Nice for giving a mild electro spice

    I like the tremor it gives, and the waves. It has a very unique character so it should stand out when mixed with other libraries.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Tremors and Chills!

    I love the character of this instrument. It's simple yet so effective. There are no options for you to manage, but I'm sure you will find many uses for it. I'd love to see an ADSR setting or at least dynamics control with the modwheel, and a custom delay controller would be simply amazing.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • Time travelling melodic raindrops

    In your face and delicate, this is definitely an art piece of a library and a must have for anyone doing anything remotely textural, ambient, or melodic. Stands well on its own or layered

    ConnerSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Beautiful Textural Sound

    I end up using this instrument in most of my tracks, I love it. It sounds really realistic to me, something about the transient sounds really good. I think it works great for just a single note atmosphere as well as playing chords. I do wish it had the option to keep looping and not die out so you could create like a textural drone out of it. I like adding extra delay for extra sustain but adding too much reverb to lengthen the decay could take away from the clarity of the sound. I wish it came with an extra patch that keeps looping as long as you hold down the keys

    septemberwalk24 October 2021
  • How could you not love it...

    Sometimes the simplest instruments are the best, and this one proves just that. Great sounds right out of the box that are immediately inspiring. Perfect for sci-fi or tech related music. Great work!

    Christopher29 October 2021
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