The story

When you’re sitting in your warm basement studio, listening to the horrible droning of the portable air conditioner slowly drive you insane, you realize there is opportunity in that madness.

AirCon is the birth of air conditioner noises and harmonics, gently blended with reverbs, and other tones to produce the sweet noise-making goodness of the white-noise machine that only an air conditioner can make.

Carefully curated sounds from multiple areas of the air conditioner have been sampled. The sweet hum of the compressor, the air moving through the vents. The tube noise, both near and far… bliss from noise. Ambiance from drones.

The best way to use AirCon is to take advantage of the knobs on the screen; especially the Reverb and Release knobs. It’s better when used with even MORE reverb of some kind (like a convolution reverb) in your DAW, but still plays some fun sounds without it.

The lowest registers are the most interesting… way, way down below the C0 range! The samples have a smooth looping feel that creates a beautiful “woosh” of air and noise around interesting tones. Creepy and spooky, tonal and dynamic.

There are multiple presets which include different versions of the sounds of and around the Air Conditioner.

1. AirCon is the base Preset. It is the air conditioner with frequencies and harmonics pulled from the original sample.
2. AirCon Creatures is a set of sounds in a layered format which produce clicking and whistling noises (like insects)
3. AirCon Echo is an “echo forward” reverb version of the base preset.
4. AirCon Tones is a sweeping set of base tones from the original sample, harmonics, deep bass, and other sampled areas of the air conditioning unit, such as the vents.
5. AirCon Bumps is a mildly squashed, but “speed bump” versions of movement through the harmonics of tonal echos from the original sample.
6. AirCon Tails takes the original Echo and adds a wispy up-turned tail to the end. Subtle, gentle, but still sneaking up and off at the end.


Reviews for AirCon

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  • ConAir

    I didn't think I'd ever want aircon in my music... until now.
    I really liked the lower notes creating some evolving drones. Nice work.

  • A very useful pack

    The amount of sounds in this pack is large, enough to play for a whole afternoon. The quality of the content is quite good, ideal for creating atmospheric tracks.

    I like the names of the presets, they fit well with your type of sound. However, I find the controls too small and too few. If they had been larger, and the decay and sustain controls had been integrated, the space would have been better occupied.

    Overall, it is a very versatile and complete pack.

    GuilleDSamplist 23 September 2022
  • Crickety SFX

    This fairly simple DecentSampler file sets you up with 6 instruments, which are very similar in nature. The sound is this breathy insect-like drone, with haunting low-mids. It's mostly an atonal ambience rather than a musical pad but it can work great as an SFX, especially with some further manipulation with third party effects.

    Alex Raptakis27 August 2022