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A dense, shadowy, luscious and layered set of Sampler instruments constructed for all forward-thinking composers and producers. Comprised of 3 separate Sampler instruments: Adventitious Bass, Kit, and Textures. Appetizingly thick, juicy and exuding inspiration, these instruments are ready to be used in your next composition.

Reviews for Adventitious

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  • Unique and great sounds.

    There's a lot here! There are three instruments in this pack, and I will try to touch upon each individually.

    The Adventitous Bass has 5 synth-bass sounds, and they all sound very good. However, I find the way the sounds are divided across the keyboard a bit confusing, and leaves me wishing the sounds were set up separately, with each sound being stretched further across the keyboard. I'm actually planning to modify it this way myself.

    The Adventitous Kit seems like it was made with filmmaking and sound design - particularly for suspense or horror films - in mind. Synths groan and screech, while more organic sounds click, warble, and rattle. There's a lot of fun to be had and use to be gotten here.

    Adventitous Textures has 4 unique end engaging sounds, with a vintage vibe to them. One is an organ, though the sound source for the others is much more elusive. For me, these all evoke a time now distant but not yet forgotten. Similar to the bass above, I found the split of the 4 unique sounds across the same keyboard a bit confusing, and suspect I would prefer them as separate instruments.

    I realize now that in saying that, I am wishing this 3-instrument pack was a 10-instrument pack, but I feel that the quality of these sounds could bear that weight.

    Jake Hendriksen23 March 2022
  • Bigger than you initially expect

    This was a very confusing experience at first to say the least, because while there are 3 separate patches, it seems that they should be many more than that, since the first and third patches contain different kinds of sounds, set in different registers.

    The Bass patch has 5 sounds, with all of them having synthy and saturated tones. The Kit patch consists of 38 different SFX samples, some of which are simple and percussive, while others are more complex, synthy and sci-fi oriented. Last but not least, the Textures pack, which consists of 4 heavily textured ambient pads of different nature, all of them being equally pleasant and interesting.

    As a sidenote, these can even be used just by locating the sample and simply opening it in your desired sampler. They are all recorded in C as a base note, so you should be good to go with no further adjustments! Mind the... quite aggressive naming of the files :D

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022