The story

I wanted to preserve the Sound of my grandpa’s Accordion. A few months ago my mother finally decided to give it to me as a present :-). I remember my grandpa being always very happy, when he played it. I want these sounds to be available for everybody, I know for sure he would like this Idea.

The Accordion is very often used in German traditional music, and in sailor-music, too. I like the sound, especially with reverb added to it.

The Accordion has button section of which I included only the single bass-notes, for now. Other bass section buttons include full chords – dominant 7s, minor … I want to add these as presets in the future.

Right now, I’m simply happy abut the current result in creating my first plugin for this community. I hope you like it too!

I want to THANK David Hilowitz for creating Decent Sampler, I had so much fun in creating that plugin.
David you’re great!

Best Regards



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  • Inspiring!

    Loved hearing the story and history of the accordion. It sounds great, I can imagine using it in a track in the future!

    markinscotland10 April 2024
  • True sound.

    Fine collection of clean samples. I like it very much.

    Paul_Smith18 April 2024
  • Great sound

    I'm excited to get this thing inside my DAW to experiment with chords. Sounds great. I need to learn how to "loop" it though. I've been riveted to the idea of amazing harmonics with monochords, tanpura's, shruti boxes or harmoniums, tibetan singing bowls, the human voice in ohm chanting or humming to create unbelievable harmonics. This will be a nice one to play with for the Harmonium or Shruti box (little organ), and I'm pained that tanpura's are so rare to find. Their droning is simply divine, as is that of the monochord. I don't think anyone here has sampled any of those as yet?

    SethTanner27 April 2024