The story

First of all, I am extremely sorry about how big all these ‘one-note’ files are (and yes, all the pads are one note files spread across the keyboard for effect).

This pad is made up of a few elements: me with two takes on ‘thumping’ the guitar at random speed; two of my roommates ‘singing’ ahh (that I had to auto-tune, and put through distortion, reverb, overdrive and even tremolo (logic); use a mallet from the junior school’s glockenspiel ‘orchestra’ in my school and knocking an ‘A’ piano strings a random speed overtime, as intended for a Spitfire’s evolution patch; some synth plucks also at different speed overtime made on Serum; lastly, a ‘borrow’ from a friend’s cello and playing it myself for the ‘eve’ sound, much inspired by Oliver Patrice Weder’s music of his use of the strings. I used a pair of AKG P170, sort of noise reduced with RX7.

I have included the raw cello samples if anyone wish to use them. Hope you enjoy this instrument. This pad makes a weirdly beautiful sound, and with the ‘BELL SAMPLE’ EVO 4 patch, the sound could be cool if used as bass.

Reviews for A Very Cheesy Evo Pad

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  • Cheesy? This is MAJESTIC

    I seriously can't get enough of such sounds. Give them all to me! This sounds ridiculously good, very creative and super inspirational. Everything sounds really good, the sampling is awesome, and the coverage is deep. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that the stretching may be kind of obvious, since the rhythm greatly changes between the low and the high registers. Nevertheless, this will be an excellent addition for everyone.

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021
  • Lovely collection of inspired sounds!

    There are five lovely sounds here, each of which is well recorded, well programmed, playable, and inspiring. There's a lot to like in this collection, and the sounds have a sense about them that they'd work well together in a project, but also that they'd fit in nicely in lots of different contexts. This is a great library, and I feel like it's being undersold by the creator. This is a really inspiring and inspired group of sounds!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • Not very cheesy

    While i dont find these sounds to be quite as interesting, warm or deep as other similar instruments (Joshuas Hybrids for example), theres certainly nothing cheesy about them. You get a few different patches here which is always nice to have some variation. Some of them kind of sound like guitar tremelos while others are more metallic. Theyre all pretty beautiful and evolving though. Its not my favorite pad instrument on the site but its certainly pretty special.

    septemberwalk12 November 2021