A Very Cheesy Evo Pad

A collection of various "evo" inspired instruments including Cello, Piano, Synth and Voice....

The story

First of all, I am extremely sorry about how big all these ‘one-note’ files are (and yes, all the pads are one note files spread across the keyboard for effect).

This pad is made up of a few elements: me with two takes on ‘thumping’ the guitar at random speed; two of my roommates ‘singing’ ahh (that I had to auto-tune, and put through distortion, reverb, overdrive and even tremolo (logic); use a mallet from the junior school’s glockenspiel ‘orchestra’ in my school and knocking an ‘A’ piano strings a random speed overtime, as intended for a Spitfire’s evolution patch; some synth plucks also at different speed overtime made on Serum; lastly, a ‘borrow’ from a friend’s cello and playing it myself for the ‘eve’ sound, much inspired by Oliver Patrice Weder’s music of his use of the strings. I used a pair of AKG P170, sort of noise reduced with RX7.

I have included the raw cello samples if anyone wish to use them. Hope you enjoy this instrument. This pad makes a weirdly beautiful sound, and with the ‘BELL SAMPLE’ EVO 4 patch, the sound could be cool if used as bass.


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