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I have found myself stuck the past couple weeks, feeling rather aimless and forgotten. Like what I do doesn’t matter, and finding financial stability and security is out of reach. This has weighed heavy on me and made it difficult to focus, especially on things I care about like music and art. Then I went with my Mom, Dad, Sister and her fiancé on a family vacation back to New Hampshire. I grew up there and it was amazing to see north conway again. Time seems to move different there and the people have a different pace of life. A more relaxed pace. Heck some of the stores even had signs saying their hours were ‘Whenever we feel like it.’ While there I got some musical trinkets and instruments to play around with, and one of them being this tibetan singing bowl made of brass. It was not cheap, but it seemed to call to me from the store. I find it rather soothing to play with and I decided I should make a vst of it so other people could experience it as well. I hit it with three different mallets, a wooden one, a leather one, and a metal one, and created this vst for you all to enjoy. It was extremely difficult to record given how quiet it is, but hopefully the end result is useful. As always, if you make anything interesting with this or just want to message me about this vst, feel free to reach out.

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Reviews for A Singing Bowl From New Hampshire

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  • Coincidentally...

    I literally sampled my own singing bowl last night! I've not processed the samples yet but I will in the near future with a view to creating a Decent Sampler instrument.

    Your instrument is magical, I love the tones and especially enjoy the quality of sound when you extend the release. Nicely done.

    Sonus LucisSamplist 06 November 2023