The story

I have had this recorder since elementary school. It’s a cheap plastic pitchy mess and silly to play. Like many in the united states, my elementary school had everyone learn how to play this instrument and play some songs in shows for our parents. They were never any good of course, but considering our age, our parents were proud and loved them none-the-less. I have turned this instrument into two simple libraries for you all to play with. As always if you make something interesting with this sample pack, feel free to send to me and share!

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Reviews for A Child’s Memory

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  • It's the recorder you remember!

    If you're looking for a perfectly in-tune recorder, then why are you looking at a sampler for a child's recorder? But if honky, pitchy, breathy, and a little messy is what you're looking for, then this is perfect. The low tones sound almost like an alto flute. I wish the staccato range was a little bigger, but the samples themselves work great.

    scythian22 June 2024
  • Out of tune

    Out of tune and unconsistent in timbre of the note pitch.

    Ng29 January 2024