The story

A music box recorded on to cassette tape and played back at half speed and normal/original speed. Playing back at half speed results in an octave lower pitch.

– Sample rate: 48 kHz
– Bit depth: 24 bit
– Channels: 2 (stereo)
– Number of files: 72
– File size: 94.60 MB
Impulse responses:
– Sample rate: 48 kHz
– Bit depth: 24 bit
– Channels: 2 (stereo)
– Number of files: 4
– File size: 3.60 MB

Instrument – Velocity and damping:
– Velocity
— Determines whether the velocity should affect the volume of the samples
– Damping
— When damping is off, the sample will continue to play after you release the key (like a toy piano)
— When damping is on, the sample will fade out quickly after you release the key

Mixer – Volume:
Mix between the normal speed samples and the half speed samples. They also have independent tremolo controls.

Mixer – Tremolo:
The tremolo rate and tremolo depth knobs enable you to modulate the amplitude of the sound with the desired depth and rate using a Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO).
– Tremolo Rate
— Tremolo rate determines the speed at which the modulation occurs
– Tremolo Depth
— Adjust the Tremolo depth to introduce subtle or pronounced variations in volume

These effects are achieved using carefully crafted impulse responses. The echo effect employs a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo recorded twice for stereo, while the reverb effect draws from a Chase Bliss Audio & Meris CXM 1978 reverb pedal with a room setting.

Effects – Echo:
Select from two distinctive echo options: the short echo, delivering a classic slapback effect, and the long echo, characterized by a slower decay and numerous repeats.
– On
— Turns the echo on and off
– Long
— Switches between a short slapback echo and a long echo with slow repeats and high feedback
– Mix
— Mix between direct signal and echo signal

Effects – Reverb:
You’ll also find two reverb effects: the short reverb, evoking the intimacy of a small room, and the long reverb, enveloping your sound in the vastness of a spacious environment.
– On
— Turns the reverb on and off
– Long
— Switches between a short/small room reverb and a long/big room reverb
– Mix
— Mix between direct signal and reverb signal

Fidelity – Hi-fi:
When the hi-fi switch is turned on, no effects are applied. When it’s turned off, some filtering, saturation and modulation are added for a lo-fi effect. The saturation becomes more pronounced when you turn up the volume in the mixer section.
– Hi-fi
— Turns the lo-fi effects on and off


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