The story

This library was made from my antique 1930s Wurlitzer upright. I have had this piano since I was 6 years old when I started taking piano lessons. After taking lessons for about a year, my parents looked for an upright piano for me to practice on, and this is the one they got me. I have been interested in composing music since I was in high school, and I have had this piano all those years. One day, I figured out some extended techniques like plucking the strings and I loved the harp sound it could create. It has a beautiful, unique aged sound you just don’t get with a new instrument. To make it easier for me to pluck the strings, I removed the action stack prior to sampling. I then decided to sample this sound and, after dozens of hours of work I made this sample library. It can really help create mood and character in the music, if done right. Note that this is the first version, so expect some samples to have inconsistent volume and unintentional noises. I will try to fix those issues later on, but I hope you enjoy this instrument.

-3 round robins
-Each key triggers separate sets of samples
-Attack and release knobs
-Cutoff filter
-Reverb with customisable room size and damping
-Delay effect
-Chorus effect


Reviews for 1930s Wurlitzer Upright Plucks

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  • Fantastic

    Really great atmosphere created and this will come in useful!

    Andy Bullemor07 October 2022