Thrumming Textures: Earth

Thrumming Textures: Earth


In May 2020, still stuck in lockdown with a few days of inclement weather, I began to consider the sampling opportunities now that contact with humans was no longer permitted under government guidance. I decided to sample the sounds of nature outside my house. Until recently, they sat on my hard drive. Now they’re yours!

Inkeeping with my Thrumming Textures series, Earth is a collection of sporadically spaced notes that bubble away under the surface. Comprising wind, thunder, rain and birdsong, this instrument contains just 1 or 2 samples per patch, with some tweaks under the hood to make it as musical and inspiring as possible!

Above everything, I wanted Thrumming Textures: Earth to maintain authenticity to the sounds around me. Birdsong had to sound like birds, much as Rain had to sound like water falling. To achieve this, I combined heavy processing to a single, harshly-filtered tone with a gentler, more ambient undercurrent. This allowed for a sympathetic timbre while maintaining a strong musical backbone.

To learn more about how I created this instrument, check out my walkthrough and tutorial below:


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Fabulous for adding environmental colours

5.0 rating
November 4, 2020

In a very similar space to Bioscape by Luftrum, that I’m using a fair bit, this is also adding those subtle colours and textures, that evoke natural spaces and the environment. Great job and thanks for sharing! Also love the Demo ‘Bemused – A Spiral World’



Wind, thunder, rain and birdsong combine into the latest Thrumming Textures instrument

5.0 rating
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