Millpot DroneSpace

Millpot DroneSpace


I’m thrilled to be submitting my first Kontakt Instrument to Pianobook. Since I’m stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I followed Christian’s advice and have been “Nerding for the Weekend”. I took two samples I recorded last year and created a granular drone sound.

I’m a mechanical engineer who does metal 3D printing for a living, and the first sound was an unexpected screech at work. The machinist was experimenting with some new machining parameters that made an awful (and wonderful) noise! He thought I was weird for recording him…

For extra pizazz, I mixed it with the sound of me hitting a pot lid with a wooden spoon. I morphed both samples using the granular synth engine in Arturia Pigments 2.0. Then I brought those sounds into Kontakt for all to enjoy!

The Mod Wheel controls the low pass filter cut off frequency. I mapped the envelope with knobs on my first ever GUI.

Check out my walkthrough video of how I created the instrument at:

It was fun working on this. It helped improve my sound design skills and I got to learn how to video edit for my first long YouTube video!



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A unique droning pad created from a 3D printer and a pot lid.

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