A very long time ago I attended a solo concert by Jack DeJohnette in Greece. He played (separately) three instruments: the drums, the piano, and the UDU drum ( It changed and marked my life and musical perception for ever.
Fast forward a couple of decades, I’ve started producing electronic music using the obvious suspects: synths and samplers.
The fascination I had for the tabla (pitch bend+bass) the rhythmical complexity and wealth it offers, never stopped nagging me. I’ve never succeeded forcing my self buying a set or even learning the very basics.
All this hasn’t stopped me using the sound in various ways.
Lots of times I drum on a surface, a table, a kitchen bowl or something..

This sample set is created through a diversity of hits on these 3-4 items. They remind me of the sound of UDU and/or tabla. I realize they are far away from them, but I hope they’ll prove quite usable for you, too. Enjoy!


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Tabla-like percussive sounds created from everyday objects.

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