Name: James Blunsdon

Sample instrument name: Harpsichord

I had some real fun recording this with the help of three film music friends. We found this gem hidden away in the college after one of our tutors told us about it. With the help of Ross, El and Emma, we each took turns to sample the notes in 5ths. I initially used an LDC but this picked up too much noise from a fan we couldn’t turn off and someone playing a trumpet next door so we resorted to an old dented SM58.

1x velocity layer, 6xRR

I’ve tried to tune the samples as best as I can but they’re still slightly off. I recommend using a low-cut to reduce rumble that was picked up from the soundboard and adding reverb (as per usual!) I owe my thanks to Dave Hilowitz’s fantastic YouTube channel that I used to learn how to sample with Kontakt. My next challenge is to make use of the script editor.

If this get’s featured in a video my only request is that Christian wears a baroque wig.

Enjoy! 🙂

Kontakt Version: 5.8.1


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A harpsichord recorded with an old dented SM58.

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