Steve Day’s Reviews

  • Goodness me - less is more!

    A lot of work has gone into making these pads so effortlessly usable. The simplest presentations, more often than not, are the ones that have been thought about just that bit harder. Beautifully pragmatic and very creative. Thank you Dan.

    Basic Backdrops06 December 2021
  • The essence of otherness

    Dark, warm, questioning ...and gorgeously undefined. One of the rare group of sounds that you always think, 'What IS that...?' Just made me want to wrap it around some tracks, and take them somewhere else, somewhere other. A tiny bit more clarity on the interface would be nice, but no complaints. Wonderful!

    Harmonic Flights13 October 2021
  • Bite and warmth

    It's big and encompassing. The tone is even, and I really love it when using the arpeggiator; try holding the sustain pedal over it - some yummy saturated yet controlled distortion that doesn't lose control of itself. The closest reminder, for feel and playability, is of my old JUNO 60, which I was a fool to part with. My only snag is the UI, with a few of the knobs having the odd quirk, but that's minor. Like it a lot. Thank you!

    EMS VCS413 October 2021