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    I'm sure I'm going to use this a bunch. Thank you for this! Quick note, I noticed when you're blending the different pianos some notes are out of phase between them. Maybe I can go in and flip phase on individual notes that are out

    Woodland Piano20 May 2023

    I bought the full version as a way to say thank you for the OG Woodland Piano :) Great work on this grand piano version! It's one of the more useable felt pianos... Some have way too much muddy resonance and this one just works! One thing I'd love to see if it's possible is to make the Normal and Felt layers play better together. Things get phasey here and there... I wonder if going through and checking phase on each note sample (all velocities) when played together and correcting the ones that are off would help? Was hoping to have Felt as the main sound and fold in 50 to 60% of Normal for some extra clarity and knock. Can't get where I want to currently without it sounding hollowed out in spots. Fix that and this will be absolute perfection!