Saturn V Sound’s Reviews

  • Simple & Dreamy

    I love what Dan said in the video about this instrument, it's about finding something unique and capturing that moment of character. It's very warm for such a traditionally cold instrument but the FX add what I almost imagine as snow falling. The width is perfect on the instrument, it really feels like its sitting in a real space. The FX layers are lovely and blend well with the glock or are extremely usable and dynamic on their own. Another great instrument from Dan!

    Frozen Glock04 November 2021
  • Found some magic in the drive knob

    I absolutely love this library. The elastic plucks sound great for classic pluck sounds, but with a little extra character. When I started pulling in the drive knob, it got extra special and I loved drenching this in some reverb for a beautiful synth lead. The foley sounds are really fun and I see myself using these as alternative percussion tracks to give a cue a lot of movement and anticipation.

    The Notebook02 December 2021
  • Menacing!

    I loved the creepy feel of the higher harmonics but when I got down lower, it really got mean and I love it! It felt a little too scratchy on the high end but I only had to roll the cutoff back a tiny bit and it was perfect. Great job on this.

    Harmonic Flights08 November 2021
  • Absolutely amazing GUI for a unique instrument

    I love that you took the traditional intimate piano sound and gave us something different. The piano itself is recorded and programmed beautifully and the Juno adds some great layers on both end. I wrote a Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross type cue almost immediately with this, while working on the saturation and flutter knobs. Great job with this!

    Pure 2507 December 2021
  • Arps forever

    Love the sequencer, especially all the arpeggiator options! The more I explore, the more I love the little details like the subtle panning with the arpeggiator. The megadrones really have tons of character, giving some huge swells and leads. My only issue is it took a bit to figure out that the knobs were L/R with my mouse and that the compressor really slams without anyway to adjust it.

    EMS VCS408 November 2021