OsvaldoDeJesusG’s Reviews

  • Very nice bass with a unique character

    There is a unique character in this instrument that I haven't found before in others, since the first note you play, you notice the nice sound design of it. There is a delay that makes this a Pad-Bass hybrid instrument.

    Bass Harmonic Chimes25 October 2021
  • Inspiring tape organ

    This has a really nice sound, I can imagine many uses for this instrument. The low fidelity vibes are charming and make me feel transported to another time and place.

    Cassette Tape Organ26 October 2021
  • Nice sampled sitar

    I liked the sound of this sitar, it has a lot of character. The Decent Sampler GUI needs some work, but the Kontakt GUI is very pleasant to see and to work with.

    Abecedarian Sitar25 October 2021
  • Many possibilities can come out from this

    This is a very diverse instrument, with effective and charming pads for film music. The GUI is simple in Decent Sampler but can do the work properly since the evolutions in this pads can give you a lot of inspiration just as they already are.

    Fuckbox Samples27 October 2021
  • Diverse and inspiring library

    The slurred ricochet instruments are inspiring, they could be useful for adding motion to the music in many ways; I will surely use those for creating music. The almost inaudible basses are incredible when you turn up the volume.

    Dead Line Samples26 October 2021