Kiko’s Reviews

  • Simply Genius

    I only have good things to say about this instrument. it is both a brilliant instrument and an awesome experience. The fact anyone on Kontakt can simply grab it and use it is pretty mental. While it is very much a player's piano and experience, And what an experience, It is by no means not also great for a producer. I can say confidently I would pay money for this, And I can only imagine the same is true for others who use it.

    The Experience13 October 2021
  • My Favourite Violin

    This may be my favourite solo violin. The sound is absolutely brilliant and I find myself pulling it out often. I have used it on several productions and can't recommend it enough. As one of my friends put it, It's basically a violin with a spring reverb, But it really is so much more characterful. The slinky really adds to the instrument just as much as it adds to the effect.

    Slinky Violin14 October 2021
  • Pure Emotion

    This library is just a pure joy and sorrow to play, It's very well put together and the dynamic layers give it a lot of depth. This is another I have used in several productions and I love to add it when I need a bit more feeling and movement in a vocal pad. This is simply a must have. I'm not sure I can say much beyond that it is one of my favourites here and I recommend it to everyone.

    Micah’s Choir14 October 2021
  • Headphones On

    It should come as no surprise that Christian knows how to record a great piano, And this one is something very special. I'm personally a big fan of the use of binaural audio in anything and as is to be expected, this piano comes to life in headphones. There is a very intimate and personal thing about it. This is one I often recommend.

    Claustrophobic Piano13 October 2021
  • Imperfect As It Should Be

    This is, Shocker, A character piano. A lot of fun for a slightly imperfect feeling, especially when given a little filtering and saturation or made to feel like an old recording. It is a great example of what you can do by changing something simple. The articulation in some of the mid high notes especially has my adoration. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting something that captures a mood or feeling.

    The Gaffer13 October 2021