Celtichare’s Reviews

  • Love This For Swirling Pads

    I really love this synth. It looks foreboding and, if this isn't a contradiction, simplistic, at the same time. Once downloaded I was quickly noodling around creating some deep and swirling pads (which is my thing) and I can see lots of potential with it. Great job. Worth playing around with.

  • Lush

    Lush sounding pads with depth and character. Really beautiful.

    Chimera13 April 2022
  • What It's All About

    This is a great example of what Pianobook can be so useful for. Bringing unusual instuments to the masses. It's fun to play around with and with additional experimental processing can bring real character and depth to a piece of music. Good job.

    The Ektara14 April 2022