Angus Roberts-Carey’s Reviews

  • Inspirational vintage guitar tone!

    This guitar pack has a great tone with a very vintage sound. Very usable across a range of dark/ noir genres. Noticed when the tone is turned up, the sound does begin to peak- so this could be improved. I'd also love to be able to swell the guitar, which could be done by adding an attack and release envelope to the UI. Overall though this is an excellent sample pack with a clean UI.

    On the Tele11 October 2021
  • Evocative Far-Eastern Flute Sound

    A fantastic sound for those looking to create a solo far-eastern flute tone, and could also be used as a pad. 5 stars all around but lack of GUI lets it down. Would be nice to have visual control for the ambience, and other effects like Expression.

    BAMBOO14 October 2021
  • Warm Analogue Sound

    A great sense of warmth and the character of the synth is captured well. To improve this a 5 could do with more round robins to add a bit of variation.

    Poly D Pads11 October 2021
  • Very nice programming

    The velocity layers are seamless! A good level of programming here. To improve a UI could be added with FX and ADSR to extend the playability.

  • Lovely Classical tone and fantastic first attempt!

    This guitar has a boat load of character and has many uses. To improve, I think a bit more noise reduction would help the low clunks and a release envelope to extend the sound would help. Overall though an amazing first effort!

    Alkis Classical Guitar11 October 2021