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Angus Roberts-Carey’s Reviews

  • Beautiful concept, amazingly curated

    This is a stunning creation, from the GUI to the voices within. They all blend really well to create a beautiful soundscape of vocals. Well done OPIA crew!

    Unity16 June 2022
  • The perfect balance of brightness and warmth

    Exquisitely recorded grand piano with a beautiful GUI. The tone not to bright, and not too warm- a perfect blend between the two. The distortion, hiss, and artefacts on the tape add to the humanistic character of these samples, transporting the composer back to a by-gone era of 60s-70s Piano nostalgia. Congrats!

    Evergreen Performance25 January 2022
  • Dusty?! This is Pristine!

    The options in this pack are endless. Though the GUI is a little bit complicated, it is very easy to read and offers the largest array of options I've seen in a Decent Sampler library so far! The Glide feature is particularly excellent when ramped up and used in its full capacity. I could play with this for hours! 5 across the board for me :)

    Dusty Wave23 June 2022
  • Lo-Fi Beat-y Goodness

    A fantastic and highly playable beat kit which has a slightly rusty and grungy flavour. Though the uses are limited, the quality of the editing and options available in the FX make this pack very enjoyable to use. The only thing I would add is an ADSR control to get more variation in the tightness of the samples within- well done!

  • Inspirational vintage guitar tone!

    This guitar pack has a great tone with a very vintage sound. Very usable across a range of dark/ noir genres. Noticed when the tone is turned up, the sound does begin to peak- so this could be improved. I'd also love to be able to swell the guitar, which could be done by adding an attack and release envelope to the UI. Overall though this is an excellent sample pack with a clean UI.

    On the Tele11 October 2021