A rare synth housed at Goldsmiths University, London. Combining two Putney VCS3's to form the VCS4 mega-synth.......

  • Kontakt


A pulse engine for Kontakt with example eBowed Guitar samples...

  • Kontakt

Harp Piano

A palm muted piano from London recorded with two U-87s in stereo and a Coles in the center....

  • Decent Sampler
  • EXS24
  • Kontakt

Pianobook Combo: Guitar Textures

A combination of Thrumming Textures, Ambient Guitar Tremors, and the E.Guitar Octave Cascade....

  • Kontakt

String Textures

This library is donated to Pianobook to thank all the community for their support: In the final year of my undergraduate degree at Falmouth University, I organised a String Ensemble to record some live parts for one of my film compositions. With time to spare, we used the last 30 minutes of the session to […]...

  • Kontakt


An intricately sampled pipe organ from a local church. Features nine different adjustable stops. ...

  • Decent Sampler
  • EXS24
  • Kontakt

Sonva Upright

Yamaha U3 Sampled with various adjustable mic positions....

  • Decent Sampler
  • Kontakt

Infinite Guitar

Customizable Fender Telecaster sampled with an eBow....

  • Kontakt

Sonva Piano

Sonva is the rough Cornish translation of ‘Sound’. It was used by my lecturers at Falmouth University to describe the intrinsic connection between place and music in regards to the student’s creative output. Creating music in such a small community led to a wide variety of new and exciting ideas- and the Steinway Model D […]...

  • Decent Sampler
  • Kontakt

Angus Roberts-Carey’s Reviews

  • Interesting concept, but limited use

    Nice concept and light pad sound, but the kontakt instrument is limited by the lack of effects and GUI. Could do with a couple of knobs to extend the sound palette further!

    Blender RX714 October 2021
  • Evocative Far-Eastern Flute Sound

    A fantastic sound for those looking to create a solo far-eastern flute tone, and could also be used as a pad. 5 stars all around but lack of GUI lets it down. Would be nice to have visual control for the ambience, and other effects like Expression.

    BAMBOO14 October 2021
  • Nice tone but needs refining

    This pack has a great middle-age tone, but needs refining. Some of the notes need retuning, and some do not loop so cut out and clip. Not very usable in its current state, but its perhaps an update away from being great!

    Recorder Choir14 October 2021
  • Lovely Music Box/ Toy Sound. Could do with GUI Elements for more control.

    Great sound out of the box that is very detailed. To improve, I would add a couple more GUI elements so we can have control over the Dynamic layers via a mod wheel, and can extend the sound with FX e.g. delay would work well. Overall, a solid effort and beautiful artwork.

    Khayones Keys14 October 2021
  • Great Alien Pad Sound but needs batch resaving

    Great pad sound, but missing file error needs fixing with a batch resave. The GUI is great, and the sliders work well, but I think the sound could be extended with a couple more FX.

    Woodland Gate14 October 2021
  • Useful Toy

    I can see where this sample pack would have its uses. The sound could be more inspiring, and the GUI- which is incredible by the way- increases the playability. The noises of the releases and the tuning is a little bit left-field for my taste, but I suppose that is what you get with a Toy Piano!

    Toy Grand Piano11 October 2021
  • Very Usable Strummed Chords

    This pack has a very small group of very usable chords that are supported by the pads underneath. Not sure what the intension was with the notes left of the red chords, but it would have been great to get single guitar notes here. It would be more natural to have the pads on the left, and single notes on the right, with chords in the C3 block. Overall though, solid effort with some great country/ pop uses.

    Simple Pop Guitar11 October 2021
  • Lovely Classical tone and fantastic first attempt!

    This guitar has a boat load of character and has many uses. To improve, I think a bit more noise reduction would help the low clunks and a release envelope to extend the sound would help. Overall though an amazing first effort!

    Alkis Classical Guitar11 October 2021
  • Very nice programming

    The velocity layers are seamless! A good level of programming here. To improve a UI could be added with FX and ADSR to extend the playability.

  • Very inspiring sound but some improvement needed

    The sound is incredible, but unfortunately a lack of Kontakt programming makes the library pretty unusable. For instance, some of the start points of the notes are clipping- which can be fixed with an attack envelope. The samples also don't loop, so it's not possible to play drones!

    Buwa’s Harmonium11 October 2021
  • Very handy percussive FXs

    Very useful effects within this pack. It would be good to have a list of what drums/ cymbals/ sounds are connected to which note in the readme. A UI would also be great addition with some effects such reverbs and delays to get more sound design straight out of the box.

  • Inspirational vintage guitar tone!

    This guitar pack has a great tone with a very vintage sound. Very usable across a range of dark/ noir genres. Noticed when the tone is turned up, the sound does begin to peak- so this could be improved. I'd also love to be able to swell the guitar, which could be done by adding an attack and release envelope to the UI. Overall though this is an excellent sample pack with a clean UI.

    On the Tele11 October 2021
  • Solid sound but could do with noise reduction and ADSR

    Great initial sound but could do with a slight bit of noise reduction and an ADSR envelope to sculpt the sound a bit more. Currently not very usable- which is a shame!

  • Largely does not work

    Love the idea behind this but unfortunately the instruments included don't really work. The sound is interesting but the Filter and Resonance knobs seem to have no affect and ADSR does not work on BassCada.

    SynthCada11 October 2021
  • Clean recording but could do with more features

    This is very cleanly recorded and has a great tone, much different to the western xylophone. To improve, I would see if you can loop the FX you have included, increase the range of the instrument by stretching samples, and add some UI elements e.g. a delay would be really nice!

  • Great Ambient Pad

    Very inventive ambient pad that swells nicely. Volume is set a little bit too high by default, but this can be adjusted. To improve, I would try and add a User Interface to control things like Expression and ADSR to have a greater control over the swell.

  • Warm Analogue Sound

    A great sense of warmth and the character of the synth is captured well. To improve this a 5 could do with more round robins to add a bit of variation.

    Poly D Pads11 October 2021
  • Nice Teaser to the Full Product

    The GUI is great but the sound has not much use contextually- great for sound design stuff. I'm sure the full version has a lot more to offer!

    Perseverance11 October 2021