Zombie Death Planet

Mysterious audio recorded on a phone that has been transformed into a "windy planet" pad....

The story

“Zombie Death Planet” is a single patch sounding like a windy planet with scary zombies approaching, the lowest keys
sound the most like a windy planet and the higher you go, the more the zombies are scrambling to get you! You can use
your sustain pedal to hold sounds and see how long you can last before it’s time to run.

CC01 MOD wheel is assigned to the Filter Lows knob. This allows you to simulate changing wind conditions or going indoors
and then back out again into the scary Zombie Death Planet atmosphere.

To reset knobs to patch default values you can Ctrl Click them (Command click on Mac).

The patch consists of a single sound, looped and stretched across the keyboard from Kontakt C1 to C7.

The audio was originally recorded in Spain, Summer 2019 in the mountains of Tarragona using the voice recorder app
on my Samsung S8 phone. That phone is capable of recording in stereo if you go in the voice recorder app settings
and toggle its stereo mode, also you can set the recording quality to high, it then records to M4a, unfortunately
this is a lossy compressed format but the result seems decent regardless. A WAV option would have been nice though.

The Kontakt GUI Wallpaper image is a composite of photos I took of my own face and hair, and a secret statue hidden
deep in the darkest parts of Southern England.


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  • Zombies are alright, I guess.

    I don't have much to say about this. It's pretty much one sample scaled across the keyboard in both pitch and length to a big extend, and that's it. Sure you can create small horror ambience for either a game jam or a pen-n-paper horror session, but I personally can't see it fitting in many other scenarios. I have to admit I got a quick scare after opening the instrument and seeing the wallpaper, but ultimately I feel that it doesn't fit at all. The GUI is alright but I wouldn't prefer this kind of theme for this instrument.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021