Ye Olde Piano

Old and Wonky sounding!...

The story

An “old” sounding piano forged from a selection of retuned and electronically refurbished samples from the Wonky Piano.


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  • Not too shabby, could be better

    It does sound old, but it doesn't sing well to me. Its very low dynamic range doesn't make it better either. There is some noise in the samples, but you won't easily notice, unless you go heavy with the sustain pedal. The low range suffers from a weird click on right on the attack of the sample, which can make it very unpleasant. If you let some notes die with the sustain on, you might also notice some clicks in the end of the samples.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Ok but lacks dynamic range

    Ok old sounding piano but just lacks velocity layers I assume that might give it realism and dynamism.

    Boag110 October 2021