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I’m a second-year student doing BSc in Sound Engineering and Music Production. Sampled Yamaha C7 Grand as a part of my course. Hope everyone likes it πŸ™‚

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  • Better than the stock Yamaha in Logic Pro

    Amazing job for only 84 megabytes. I would ask you to make more libraries, if this is the level work you can do with such a small footprint. Of course one of my 20 GB libraries might have more mic perspective or velocity layers, but this is fantastic, and maybe better than all the free larger libraries I downloaded a few years ago. It sounds like a nice hefty C7, not a brittle tinny version. To have MainStage or Logic load up this piano in a band context would likely sound really nice and natural.

    cayancey18 January 2024
  • Impressive!

    Beautiful clarity and tone. Natural decay. I will be using this all over the place for solo parts. I still need to test how well it blends with other instruments. The upper range starting above C5 has noticeable hammer noise but it's slight. The dynamic range is very good. I easily loaded into Logic Sampler.

    Jen Wilson04 February 2023
  • Solid

    This is a fantastic first contribution! A solid, well-recorded, natural-sounding piano.

    It feels very playable - the sample starting points and the length of the samples are very good. There are 4 velocity laters, two round robins each. It sounds real and feels very natural to play.

    I do feel like for my playing conditions/style, I would like access to the highest layer at a lower velocity, and the lowest layer at higher velocities; having this on ESX, it's not a difficult thing for us to modify!

    The piano does sound a little dark / mid-rangey for my taste, but I also think this is one of the amazing things about Pianobook; we get to try out pianos from all over the world, in all sorts of environments and conditions, and I'm genuinely excited about being able to play this one, too!

    Jake Hendriksen29 January 2023