Yamaha Portasound

A synth from the 90s that is little rough around the edges...

The story

This little synth was bought by my grandma sometime in the late 90s. It has one speaker on the left side of the synth, which is slowly becoming less reliable. Similar to my family piano, it’s seen its fair share of abuse from me and my sisters as we “learn” the piano. She’s more than a little rough around the edges, sometime a earsore. Because of the… Less appealing sound of it, it’s spent a large part of the last 6 years in closets and on shelf’s. I decided to give sampling it a go with my first set of actual mics. I sampled two of my favorite patches and made a distortion pad with the brass patch and a digital Fuckbox type thing. Because there is one speaker, I added a stereo modeler on the non-distorted patches


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