Yamaha Palm Mutes

A Yamaha piano muted with lots of sustain...

The story

This library was recorded amidst the strangeness that was the lockdown over Christmas, and it’s something which I used on a library or two and then forgot about. I dug these up recently for a project, and reprogrammed them into decent sampler to make them accessible for everyone.

These samples were played with the sustain pedal engaged, and the palm of my hand dampening each string.
There is no artificial reverb on this library at all – it’s all the natural decay of the piano. Keep the sustain pedal planted to the floor to enjoy the samples to their fullest!


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  • I Really Like This Instrument!

    This appealed to me immediately. The sound has some similarity to pizzicato strings, yet has a timbre all its own. I've found I enjoy playing simple intervals/octaves, or arpeggios the most. I couldn't get the .exs file to work in Logic, but dragging the ".dslibrary" file into Decent Sampler worked quite well.

    Jake Hendriksen13 October 2021
  • Very cool lofi vibes

    This is a very lovely sounding pack, but I do have a soft spot for dampened/muted piano sounds. As expected with muted pianos, it has very little tail end, which the reverb more than makes up for, giving it a nice punchy, yet ethereal sound. I like having the tone knob turned almost all the way down the best, I think the higher values on the tone knob have a bit too much metal noise in them. Responds very well when playing live and to preprogrammed MIDI.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021