The story

This library was recorded amidst the strangeness that was the lockdown over Christmas, and it’s something which I used on a library or two and then forgot about. I dug these up recently for a project, and reprogrammed them into decent sampler to make them accessible for everyone.

These samples were played with the sustain pedal engaged, and the palm of my hand dampening each string.
There is no artificial reverb on this library at all – it’s all the natural decay of the piano. Keep the sustain pedal planted to the floor to enjoy the samples to their fullest!

Reviews for Yamaha Palm Mutes

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  • So much fun to play!

    This pluck sound I can imagine for so many uses. Just having fun playing around with it spawns creativity. I found that I really like switching between wet and dry reverb, it gives such a different feel to play on. Can't wait to add this into some downtempo electronic stuff AND double some orchestral plucks.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 28 October 2021
  • Amazing!

    This instrument has the power to make you instantly inspired! You don't get many controls with this instrument, so what you see is what you get. Although, with what sound it does offer.. it does it so well! So, if you are tired of using the same old pizzicato sounds, this pack might give you that missing sound to spice things up with. Highly recommend giving this a go.

    Jake18 October 2021
  • An amazing muted piano!

    This is amazingly crafted, sampled, programmed, and all! It has everything you need, and it sounds absolutely amazing. It has this pizzicato feeling that you don't easily find with a proper sound signature. The added reverb also sounds cool, but if you don't like it you can just take it out and do anything you want to the dry signal. Pretty awesome stuff really!

    Alex Raptakis05 November 2021
  • Delightfully playful

    Playing staccato notes brings this instrument to live, the sound inspires a childish playfulness wanting to play different notes just to see where it leads. The sound is good with a bit of reverb, lively and cheerful.

    DB00718 October 2021
  • Dazzling Yamaha Midrange

    Prepared Piano stuff is always welcomed by me, in particular I love how this thing conveys that classic Yamaha woody mid-range. For me this is great in the use case of throwing some pokey notes in a little hocket sequence, I could see it layering onto other stuff really well too. I would love to see this with more dynamics on tap, to loud vocal hits to quiet and succinct whispers of notes, as it is right now I think this instrument is weakest on its own. In the presence of others it shines, but alone it can feel a little static. Thank you so much for this wonderful little library, I've already used it in eagerness within my music.

    ConnerSamplist 04 November 2021
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