The story

My niece, only 2 years old at the time, had this nice wooden tongue- or slit-drum amongst her toys. I was cat-sitting while she (and her parents) were away, and took the time to record it while hanging with the cats. The cats showed no interest. I then turned it into this Kontakt instrument. In a nice circle, the neice, Koharu Mitsui, now almost a teenager, took the photograph of the drum for this posting.

Reviews for Wood Tongue Drum

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  • Cool instrument

    It's a very nice, warm sounding instrument. Well programmed. Good dynamics. Would be nice to have more unique layers but overall it is playable.

    MS_Composer04 February 2023
  • Some sounds remember me a Basque wood instrument:

    I always try to find some Wood plug-Ins like the "Txalaparta": and some of this instrument sounds a little bit like that
    It would be great that plug-in with more wood layers/tonalities like this:
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your work!!!!

    Kuelam07 February 2024