WLP – Whole Lotta Pads

A massive collection of pads and synthetic sounds....

The story

Whole Lotta Pads. And a few electric pianos.

I processed some synthesizers – pure subctractive synthesis and some FM, no samples allowed 😉 – with generous amounts of reverbs, delays, more huge reverbs and some distortion here and there.

Convolution is used with custom impulse responses for ambience or weird effects (blurring, reverse etc).
Each patch is presented in its basic form, then with variations: effects and multis for extra layering and combinations.



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    65 MULTIES, and 76 SINGLE PATCHES. And it's not only quantity. They are very good in terms of quality and variety. They are not dynamic though, and you shouldn't expect any GUI settings on such a large libary. If you find yourself wanting to tweak things out, better try to switch to another patch.

    Alex Raptakis20 October 2021