The story

Whole Lotta Pads. And a few electric pianos.

I processed some synthesizers – pure subctractive synthesis and some FM, no samples allowed 😉 – with generous amounts of reverbs, delays, more huge reverbs and some distortion here and there.

Convolution is used with custom impulse responses for ambience or weird effects (blurring, reverse etc).
Each patch is presented in its basic form, then with variations: effects and multis for extra layering and combinations.


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    65 MULTIES, and 76 SINGLE PATCHES. And it's not only quantity. They are very good in terms of quality and variety. They are not dynamic though, and you shouldn't expect any GUI settings on such a large libary. If you find yourself wanting to tweak things out, better try to switch to another patch.

    Alex Raptakis20 October 2021
  • A Piano Book Classic!

    This is one of the classical PB libraries that's a must-download for me. it's a compendium of just about every pad sound you will ever need. Every sound is well recorded and edited. All are immediately playable. Clearly, lots of time and effort went into creating this library and the result is excellent and incredibly useful. Wonderful work here!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • If less is more, just think how much more more could be...

    What a selection! There are some real gems in this package and it’s going to take a while to explore them all – possibly longer than I have left… Most composers probably think they already have enough synth pads to last them several lifetimes. When you hear WLP you almost instantly concede you can never have too many. Just your basic Kontakt interface but there are so many patches included in a whole lotta that it would be churlish to quibble about something merely cosmetic. I’m looking forward to experimenting with some of the others for upcoming projects. Thank you, Francesco!

    wordsSHIFTminds05 November 2021
  • Literally a Whole Lotta Pads

    There is by far more patches in here than another pianobook library. These pads are pretty basic sounding to me which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you don't want a super interesting pad with a bunch of stuff going on. I didn't go through every pad but i went through a fair few. I don't have much to say about them other than typical descriptors of ambient pads. Dreamy, mellow, warm, ethereal etc. The quantity of patches i find pretty overwhelming and i felt like a-lot of them sounded pretty similar. I think either you could have boiled down this pack to the absolute best ones or organized them into separate folders based on vibe so you're not just looking at one huge list of nki's and multis. This is just me though, others might really like it the way it is. Undoubtedly a-lot of work went into this so thank you for working so hard to contribute to this amazing community. Maybe there could even be a separate folder of what you think are the 10 best pads while still including all the others in the download.

    septemberwalk31 October 2021