Wine Glass Tool Kit

A melodic ping; a soft pad; a set of percussive sounds; a synth; and a textural pad, all created from a wine glass....

The story

Music is what kept me sane through a week of brain-dead self-isolation, and naturally that had to include some kind of creative sampling.
A while back, Christian showed us that we can create a piece of music purely from wine glass samples, and as I have never sampled one, I decided to have a go!
I hit it, tapped it, and pinged it in as many ways as I could think, and (after breaking just one glass) set about crafting these sounds into instruments.

This tool kit contains 5 sounds. A melodic ‘ping’; a soft pad; a set of percussive sounds; a synth; and a textural pad.

I have suggested upper and lower pitches for each instrument, but the magic in these sounds develops when you start to manipulate them even more; adding reverb, delay, portamento…

These sounds aren’t groundbreaking or award winning in any way, but they add a tool to my arsenal that I didn’t have, and contribute to my journey through sampling.
Perhaps more importantly, this project has inspired some awesome ideas which I hope to share with you soon.


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  • A wine glass, an instrument...

    The main 'ping' patch is the star of the show and the dx7-esque bell tones this instrument provides are a real winner. Great work!

    R.Treves21 October 2021