Windy Welsh Tenor

A Tenor Recorder played on the side of a ridge in Snowdonia, North Wales....

The story

Windy Welsh Tenor came about as a response to the Winter Voices campaign.

Aware that I can’t sing, I began to think about the process of making music that people go through after they’ve tried singing. In many instances once a child has taught themselves to sing, they to graduate to a Recorder in school. With that thought in mind, I dug out an old childhood Tenor Recorder and took it with me on a hike around the Carneddau in Snowdonia, North Wales.

On the side of a ridge, I recorded a selection of notes on the Tenor Recorder with a Rode iXY. The location conditions affected most of the recordings but I got a few workable takes. Back home, the clean recordings were processed with reverbs, layered with ‘dry’ recordings in Kontakt and tuned back to roughly A (440).

Two simple controls. Depth (Modwheel) is a Single Pole Low Pass Ladder filter on each of the 2 Round Robin groups. This is also assigned to Mono Aftertouch for two handed expressive playing. Space (CC21) affects the size and length of Delay.

The resulting instrument is an evolving ethereal pad with vocal-like qualities.
(Built in Kontakt 6.4.2 – sorry Kontakt 5 users!)


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  • Organic Textures

    This has a beautiful, organic and cinematic sound. The subtle pitch variations and breaths are really nice and i remember this instrument bing one of the first ones i downloaded when i found pianobook. Its a pretty simple instrument but very unique as well and although there isn't much to the GUI, i love the black and white picture of the mountain

    septemberwalk21 October 2021
  • Nice Ice Baby

    Very beautiful and haunting frosty textures all from a recorder! Great sound and character and I am very inspired already just having played a few notes! The pitch wavers are a very nice touch especially. GUI is pretty simple. I like the depth parameter being mapped to the MW for some movement. I do wish there were a few more knobs but that really is my only complaint! Overall I am pretty enamored with this instrument and looking forward to gettin chilly.

    sirfache18 October 2021
  • Another Kontakt hostage

    Another out of reach set of sounds only useable if I pay Native instruments hundred and hundred of pounds

    Brian16 October 2021
  • Recorders are cool, okay!

    Recorders are cool, okay! Perhaps that's because this doesn't sound much like what you'd expect from a tenor recorder. What this does sound like however is dollop of whipped creamy ambience... whatever that is. This is one of pianobook's simple but brilliant libraries where the tone of the instrument is rather unique and sounds great as soon as you load the patch. However, ride that modwheel and hear the 'depth' control take you somewhere else. Heavenly!!

    R.Treves16 October 2021
  • Mesmerizing for real.

    I have tested and reviewed a lot of vocal samples and pads, but I have to admit this one was something special. Everything is so wonderfully great about this. I wish the range was a little bigger - which is just 4 octaves right now. It is great as it is though, don't get me wrong. The GUI blends it really well, and it prepares you for what's about to come. I'd love to see more customization though, such as ADSR envelope, reverb controls, and perhaps stereo-image setting.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Haunting recorder pads!

    Lots to like about this recorder sample pack that sounds much more like vocals than recorders. At first I thought it was a mistake that it is listed under choirs until I started playing it. It's clear that it belongs here. These pads are clear and evolve slowly and gently. They are both inspiring and useful while being beautiful. Well done!

    Sam Ecoff15 October 2021
  • My First One

    My first download and review. I like this little instrument. It has a haunting quality about it. It's quite inspiring to play and it draws you in. I can think of many uses for it.

    Ray14 October 2021
  • Beautiful windy useful sounds

    This sounds are inspiring. Instantly gives you the desire to compose and record calm music. Very simple to play. Short range of keys but very usable in the register we have available. Could be used perfectly for pads but also for some evolving melodies. Great work. Congratulations. Thanks a lot.

    edmusicam13 October 2021
  • Frigid soundscapes at your fingertips

    I very much liked this instrument and its slightly stark, reedy quality. The breathiness, either by design of the sampleist, or by the instrument's own nature adds a nice ethereal quality that defies direct comparison to any specific wind instrument.

    William Hoshal13 October 2021
  • Instant medieval vibes

    I think the sound is super inspiring and creative. Its a great background for many historical ideas. I got some viking-vibes too and I will definitely use this!

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021