Wilh. Steinmann Upright

A Wilh. Steinmann upright recorded with three microphones: an AKG P120 condenser, a Pyle PDMIC78 dynamic microphone, and an Audio Technica MB2k. Sampled with two velocity layers....

The story

This piano is a Wilh. Steinmann upright. My parents bought this piano secondhand in the early 2000s for me and my siblings to learn to play piano on. I never took piano lessons as a child but enjoyed occasionally playing and composing songs on this piano. I have recenly returned home after many years living away and have enjoyed playing this piano once again.

I recorded the piano with three microphones: an AKG P120 condenser microphone at the back of the piano near the soundboard, a Pyle PDMIC78 dynamic microphone to the left of the player’s head and an Audio Technica MB2k dynamic microphone to the right of the player’s head.

I sampled at 2 velocity layers and in a cycle of fiths from C1. I included a script which allows you to adjust the microphone levels in Kontakt. I didn’t do any processing to the raw audio samples.
I think the sampled piano has a nice mellow sound when played quietly. I found it difficult to blend the two velocity layers together well because of the big difference in tone between my piano and forte samples; maybe the pianobook community would like to try and better blend the two velocity layers.


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  • A piano that needs some work

    While it has some character to offer and feels quite playable, it lacks clarity between all three microphones offered. Unfortunately the noise in every sample is quite high, and the harder you play, the more prominent it becomes. If you dare to hold some notes with the sustain pedal, the noise builds up very quickly. It's a shame though because I do think that this piano sounds lovely! The instrument wallpaper is also badly placed, creating a useless black space on its right and bottom sides.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021