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My mother is a pianist, and this piano belonged to her. It was purchased when she was a teenager in the 1950s, and it stayed in our family until just recently. A few summers ago, my mother was moving from Boston to Florida and didn’t have room in her new place for the beloved instrument. She offered it to me, but I didn’t have space either. After much heartache, she finally decided to give it away to charity. Before she did, I thought it would be nice to sample it so that we could have a memory of the way it sounded.

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  • How lovely!

    When I am ready to play a piano, I somehow "default" myself to playing the very generic upright that you will find at your friends house. This one is nothing like that, and I love it! The character that shares is undescribable with plain old words. It needs your fingertips to let you know what it can do.

    It is sampled really well, with the small exception on the high velocity samples who carry some noise. The dynamics though are absolutely fabulous! And what makes it even better is the very well implemented arperggiator, which quite surprisingly works perfectly well! - trust me I've seen way too many and only a handful work properly.

    Kudos to David for sharing such an amazing patch!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Warm and versatile piano library

    Such a warm piano sound! I really love the texture this piano has. It has a warm hammer key noise and that gives a very nice and relaxing texture to the sound.

    Asuka Amane25 October 2021
  • Moody and intimate vibes!

    Basically a perfect piano for my style! Loaded up, I started playing a song I wrote last year just because the sound was immediately familiar to me while being fresh and new. With the Cutoff knob turned up, it started to remind me of my mother's piano that I grew up play. It's a nice sound, but I definitely prefer the cutoff very low. I think this piano has an excellent sound and can be used for a huge range of projects. I'll be using it in some of my slower/darker compositions because it add so much mystery and intrigue! Thanks David!

    Ada MaskilSamplist 05 November 2021
  • A piano that offers you everything

    I started playing this and thought to myself 'well, it's a little narrow. I sure wish it was wider.' Then I discovered the stereo doubling control and instantly got my wish. Next, I wished for a little reverb. That's there too! I love a good arpeggiator, and this piano has an awesome arpeggiator. I do wish that the sustain pedal would engage the hold feature of the arpeggiator, but other than that, it's pretty much perfect! Likewise, the dynamic response of this instrument is phenomenal. It does what you'd expect it to do without you having to think about it. This piano is a great all-arounder! It has character, playability, and it's really inspiring. I highly recommend this instrument!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 17 November 2021
  • Takes You There

    What I love about pianobook is being transported to other peoples homes, playing them playing their instrument. This is just one of those transporting packs. A piano is like a bottle of wine, it will sound different today compared to yesterday and will sound different tomorrow. Because its been played, because it hasn't been played, because its slightly warmer or wetter than yesterday or tomorrow. It bears the sonic fingerprints on all that have played her. A wonderful family sounding piano showing its age but like any fine vintage wine, a little age adds so much interest. Really playable, great sound, can hear the room, a piano that has fruity tuning but no way a pub piano!

    Christian Henson12 October 2021
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