Water Trumpet and Double Bass

A double bass and a trumpet recorded in different positions in the room. Made to emulate Spitfire's Evos....

The story

I had an urge to create some changing, ebbing and flowing long notes and this is what I ended up with. Inspired by Spitfire Audio’s “Evo” idea, I created a set of notes that move and change slightly over time. The lower notes are solo double bass and the higher notes move between double bass and trumpet. Each note has been recorded in a different position in the room creating a piano-like stereo spread of samples. Enjoy!


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  • Interesting concept

    These sounds are well recorded, and the concept of combining trumpet and bass is certainly novel. Where this falls down a little is that the intention seems to be to play a bunch of notes at once so that the sound evolves, but yet the recording is really intimate sounding, so playing a bunch of notes spoils the illusion of live players in a room. It might be the perfect thing in some circumstances, however.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021